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Every human being has the inner strength to make his ideas come true. Those who learn to focus the energy of their thoughts can achieve any goal - whether mental or physical - with amazing ease. Based on his experiences as a former Shaolin disciple, the multiple bestselling author Bernhard Moestl has further developed the old Far Eastern thinking, leadership and decision-making strategies for today's challenges. For more than 20 years he has been making the Asian principles of success mindfulness, emotion control and assertiveness usable for Western leadership and everyday life.

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How to win without a fight.

Eleven bestsellers. Translated into nine languages.


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Each speech by Bernhard Moestl is a perfectly arranged firework of information, which makes the Asian principles of success proven over thousands of years concretely usable. With the help of many practical examples, the listeners learn, among other things, how to use the power of thought for their success, how to make better decisions faster or how to lead themselves and others to success with the least amount of effort.
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Trip to India

GoAsia! 22: Delhi - Kathmandu

Due to the great success of »GoAsia! 21« once again follows the classic route through India and Nepal. From 06 - 26 February 2021, interested readers will have the opportunity to accompany the travel-experienced bestselling author on public transport through Asia. To make it possible for as many people as possible to take part, the tour is deliberately designed for a small budget. Overnight stays will be in local »guesthouses«, transportation will be exclusively by bus and train in second class. In return, the fellow travellers are required to actively help with the organisation on-site. A real adventure and an unforgettable time are guaranteed.
  • Personal time with Bernhard Moestl
  • Only public transport
  • Maximum eight kilos of luggage
  • A life-changing journey
GoAsia! 22

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