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»European with Asian mind.«

For many years Bernhard Moestl has been living a self-determined, responsible life. Fascinated by Buddhism, Zen and martial arts, he began training Shaolin Kung Fu at a young age. Driven by the desire to see the world, he completed his training as a professional photographer, which he completed with the master's examination, and as a certified medical masseur. Afterwards, he travelled around the world as a photographer, journalist and tour guide. His true love has always been the Asian continent. His time with the legendary fighting monks of Shaolin, with whom Bernhard Moestl still has a deep friendship today, was particularly formative. It was in the holy mountains of China that he first encountered a way of thinking that significantly influenced his view of life. Today Bernhard Moestl is at home in both cultures. As a "European with an Asian spirit", as the Chinese cultural manager Jian Wang called him, he is a wanderer and mediator between these two so contradictory worlds.
Bernhard Moestl
Assistant lecturer

Course leader & Lecturer

For many years Bernhard Moestl has successfully passed on his extensive knowledge as a lecturer at various public institutions. Many graduates of the "Course in Press Photography", which he founded together with the Austrian Journalist Club, now work for world-famous institutions such as Associated Press or Time Magazine. Furthermore, he was a lecturer for photography at the Master's Course in Image Science as well as for communication and leadership at the Master's Course in Health Education at the Danube University Krems.

Bestselling writer

When the book "Shaolin - You don't have to fight to win" was published in February 2008, the success was as unexpected as it was overwhelming. In his first international bestseller, Bernhard Moestl for the first time transferred the millennia-old principles of victory without fighting to the demands of everyday life and leadership in the West. Inspired by the Shaolin philosophy of Zen as well as the principles of external and internal martial arts, he wrote ten more books on topics such as decision making, change and emotion control, all of which climbed the bestseller lists.

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Keynote-Speaker and Coach

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Skilful use of language, the ability to explain even difficult topics in an understandable way and the willingness to question even established facts make Bernhard Moestl an internationally sought-after discussion partner, speaker and coach. With millions of readers, hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic listeners and a powerful message, he is considered one of the great authors and speakers of our time.


Chinese name 莫 愽汉 Born 13. März 1970 Place of birth Vienna Zodiac Pisces Ascendent Scorpion Chinese zodiac Dog Height 187 cm Place of residence Brasov (RO) Trained as Fotograf, Medizinischer Masseur Further professions Writer, speaker, tour guide Foreign languages English, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, French Greatest talent Public speaking Countries traveled 121 Club Rotary Wien-Hietzing Books published eleven Foreign language editions eight Copies sold ca. 1.200.000 books Publisher Droemer Knaur Company SC Brainworx Europe SRL

Together with Master Shi De Cheng, Shaolin 1996

Together with Master Sunil Kumar, Calicut 2018

Book presentation, Vienna 2018