Business & Leadership

Winning through positioning

The Art of »Suction Marketing«

There is always only one place at the top. In this seminar, you will learn how you can occupy this position in the minds of your customers without a fight and permanently with the help of product awareness, differentiation and effective storytelling!


The Power of Mind

Awareness as the key to success

The power of our mind alone decides on success, recognition and happiness in life. Learn how to achieve your goals with this powerful tool.

The Power of Mind 2

Take the pressure off!

Do you often feel like a mere spectator in your own life and helpless in the face of the ever-faster spinning spiral of change? Learn to take your future into your own hands with the right thinking and awareness techniques!

Book writing

How to write a bestseller

Designing, writing and selling successful books

Every year, almost 100,000 new books are published in the German-speaking countries alone, of which around 400 reach the bestseller lists. Find out in this seminar how your book can also make this leap!

How to write a bestseller 2

From the idea to the final book

Most book projects fail because they are never started. In this two-day practical workshop, under the guidance of bestselling author Bernhard Moestl, you will create a concrete basis for the future success of your book.